Tablepop 9: Get away from her, you Mitch

This Tablepop episode is a big hot mess of Alienses goodness. We start with the films and move onto Alien: Legendary Encounter, followed by Space Hulk, and finish up discussing our concerns about the future of the franchise! Game begin, man, game begin.

Also, there’s a freely available abandonware Aliens game that you can print out and play from Boardgamegeek.

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Tablepop 8: Dungeon Play part 2

This week/month/quarter, we present part 2 of our dungeon series, this time focusing on board and card games that scratch the dungeon delving itch. First of all, we get deep into some nostalgia with HeroQuest! and DungeonQuest, then onto the licensed, approved WOTC Dungeons & Dragons board games. We have a good laugh at Munchkin’s expense, and then get cutthroat in a cavern. We continue being kick-ass Dungeon Fighters by throwing dice (literally) and then Jason says horrible things about Defenders of the Realms because Comic Sans (also it’s not his style). Finally, we go deep (or shallow) with Waterdeep and finish off with some nice, little fillers, namely Dungeon Roll and Dungeon of Mandom. Also, I try to convince Mitch to leave the house and come to Board Games and Burgers or Tabletop and Tacos. We still haven’t played Descent!

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Tablepop 7: Dungeon Play Part 1

In this episode, Mitch and Jason get a little kinky… oh no, wait. Wrong dungeon! What follows is some meanderous rambling as we discuss our experience with D&D, including personal history, pop culture, Vin Diesel, Jason’s secret desire to be a quaint hobbit and more. There’s no show times for this one, as it’s pretty fluid, but listen along for talk about Dungeons and Dragons in popular culture, and appraisals of 4th and 5th edition and Pathfinder. A few links for clarification and general clickery. (Also, apologies to Mitch and all the Kickstarters mentioned too. This took me longer than usual to get up, so none of the timely information is timely anymore!) Continue reading

Tablepop 6: Scruffy Nerd Herders

This episode tackles the great sprawling board game universe of Star Wars. 13:45 Mitch’s quote quiz. 18:20 Storytime with old man Mitch. 22:00 Wicket the Ewok Game. 25:40 Jason’s pocket history of Star Wars board games. 28:50 X-Wing Miniatures. Pew pew. 54:45 The Star Wars – a brief comic interlude. 58:00 Star Wars: the non-hypothetical Card Game. 1:01:15 lamentations of the death of the EU and even more games on the way! Continue reading

Tablepop 5: do board games dream of electric tokens?

This episode, we jack in and log on to Matrix and tackle the cyberpunk genre. Jason makes Mitchell do a quiz, and we talk about some of the defining cultural artifacts of the great genre of the 80s and 90s. At 34:45: we actually start talking about games, starting with One Zero One. 40:10 Jason doesn’t have enough friends to play Android but Android: Infiltration is a bit easier to access (41:20) and then we go jack deep with Android: Netrunner (58:00). Continue reading

Tablepop A: Magical Hedron

A special mini-episode of Tablepop, where we talk about a special thing each. Mitch talks about his experience as a Magic: The Gathering initiate (1:00-16:30) and Jason talks about the ideas behind his game Hedron (16:35 – end), now on Kickstarter. Please forgive, Jason’s poor explanation of Star Trek races and our failure to work out what the plural of appendix is.


Tablepop 4: MegaBattle pt. 2 Mech

Giant robots with people inside them. 7:00 When a mummy Mech and a Daddy mech love each other very much… 27:00 Hawken: the Real-Time Card Game 37:30 Mobile Frame Zero: Rapid Attack Links mentioned: Fragged Empire, Mobile Frame Zero, Robot Jox trailer and I did find an indie Mecha vs Kaiju RPG (it’s based on the FATE system, which is around a 5 on the complicated scale) Continue reading

Tablepop Episode 3: MegaBattle pt. 1

Godzilla SPOILERS warning, also SWEARS! Also also Jason lied when he said Hedron would be available to play at GO Lounge (he is a bad man) but it’s still free on the internet! 9:00 is where the actual spoiler start. 20:15 is where the games start. 46:20 wraps up with what Mitch and Jason are doing and producing. Mitch’s new book Everdark Realms: The Darkening can be found at; Jason’s game Hedron can be found at

Tablepop 2: Cardboard Hell Pt 1

This episode we tackle the zombie hordes. There’s less inflections at the end of sentences this week, but lots of things and stuff. We also get a little carried away, and double the episode length. We’ll get better!

9:00 Zombie pop culture.
34:15 Zombies on tables.
1:22:30 Australian Kickstarters Continue reading

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