The Game

Hedron is tiny epic space battle that you can play in 30 minutes with two players (add another 20 minutes for an extra player). Each player controls a faction of energy beings, called hedrons. The core mechanic of the game has players make a single move each turn which they can build into a chain of movement allowing you to move your fleet across the battlefield. Your hedrons will also gain access to dynamic powers, allowing you to use your fallen warriors to fuel more powerful attacks. You’ll gain victory by showing you’re the most powerful set of hedrons in the whole sector through dominating areas of space and destroying your opponent’s hedrons.

Hedron was funded on Kickstarter in August 2014. You can purchase a digital or physical copy of Hedron here. The pitch video below will give you an overview of our game, and you can find How to Play videos on the End Game Games YouTube channel. We’re currently running a special giveaway for Hedron in the lead up to our next game, Ragnaroll; you just need to sign up for our mailing list and answer a simple question to be in draw for a free game.

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