Tablepop 4: MegaBattle pt. 2 Mech

Tablepop 4: MegaBattle pt. 2 Mech

Giant robots with people inside them. 7:00 When a mummy Mech and a Daddy mech love each other very much… 27:00 Hawken: the Real-Time Card Game 37:30 Mobile Frame Zero: Rapid Attack Links mentioned: Fragged Empire, Mobile Frame Zero, Robot Jox trailer and I did find an indie Mecha vs Kaiju RPG (it’s based on the FATE system, which is around a 5 on the complicated scale)

Hawken Real-Time Card Game


Mobile Frame Zero

Rapid Frame 1

I’ve got a plan

Rapid Frame 3


Rapid Frame 4

I can’t feel my legs

Rapid Frame 2

Have shield, will travel

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