Tablepop 7: Dungeon Play Part 1

Tablepop 7: Dungeon Play Part 1

In this episode, Mitch and Jason get a little kinky… oh no, wait. Wrong dungeon! What follows is some meanderous rambling as we discuss our experience with D&D, including personal history, pop culture, Vin Diesel, Jason’s secret desire to be a quaint hobbit and more. There’s no show times for this one, as it’s pretty fluid, but listen along for talk about Dungeons and Dragons in popular culture, and appraisals of 4th and 5th edition and Pathfinder. A few links for clarification and general clickery. (Also, apologies to Mitch and all the Kickstarters mentioned too. This took me longer than usual to get up, so none of the timely information is timely anymore!)

Mazes and Monsters is the D&D moral panic movie starring Tom Hanks, and the actuality is possibly somewhere between what I said in the episode and what the movie alleges. My knowledge all comes from Wikipedia, so if you’re interested, I’d recommend you start there instead of listening to me.

The Dungeons and Dragons movie does not star Corey Feldman, it stars the guy who played Jimmy Olsen in the Adventures of Lois & Clark.

The legendary Summoner skit, which is a re-enactment of a Dead Alewives skit, a comedy group which counted Dan Harmon among their members.

The Tabletop episode with Lords of Waterdeep and Owlbears.

Batman alignment and miscelaneous alignment charts.

You can also check out the incomplete chronicles of the 4th edition campaign I undertook with a group of friends. I put it together to teach myself some web skills but never get round to filling out all the story. Steve, our barbarian, was played by Ian Glidden, the illustrator for Ragnarol and co-creator of Sausage-Cat (check out the link and buy some t-shirts, don’t worry about the Japanese, he ships to Australia).

If you are interested in getting into Pathfinder (feature creep be damned), there’s a new YouTube show that’ll take you through the paces. I gave the guys running it Kickstarter money a while ago but am a little bit passed the intro stuff, so please get my money’s worth for me.

Our Pathfinder troupe

Our Pathfinder troupe. Mitch is the dark thing at the back, I’m on the right with a mace.

A semi-abstract cavern filled with goblins. The dice are stalagmites.

A semi-abstract cavern filled with goblins. The dice are stalagmites.

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