Ragnarol Print Playtest

Ragnarol is a dice battle game for 2 or more players. You control a band of Viking warriors fighting to survive a post-apocalyptic winter. You’ll need to balance raiding others for stores to survive the winter with defending your own longhouse from other raiders. At the end of every turn, you’ll need to feed your warriors, but with stores running low you get to decide who eats and who gets sent out into the snow. And, if worse comes to worse, you can eat the dog.

Ragnarol is in open development and that means I want your thoughts and opinions to help shape the game. I’ve put together a print version of the dice game that you can play at home. You’ll need to download the instructions, print some stuff out and scavenge some tokens and dice. Full details are in the instructions. To get started, start clicking on the links below

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