Playtest Program

A game isn’t made by a designer, it’s made by players and over the next few months, I’d like to get as many people playing my games before release as possible. Everyone’s feedback is valuable but what I really want is jerks, big game-breaking jerks. If you’re the type of person that likes to win, no matter how much everyone else is crying, then I want you, and I want to reward you for your efforts in improving the game.

Ragnarol is the more ambitious project in terms of production, and it’s also the game that I can actually offer something back in return for your playtesting time. What I intend to do is reward playtesters with an upgrade in back tiers for planned crowd-funding. This will likely be more dice to enable you to play a bigger and more varied game.  If you’re interested look over the details below and check out our playtest guide for more information.

Level 1: Thrall

Requirement: Playing at least 3 games and giving feedback.
Reward: Your name will appear in the Thank You page on our website.

Level 2: Warrior

Requirement: Playing at least 6 games over 2 sessions and giving feedback.
Reward: You’ll get upgraded from the basic reward tier to the next tier for free, this will probably be around a player’s worth of extra dice. Your name will appear in the thank you page on our website.

Level 3: Jarl

Requirement: Playing at least 10 games over three sessions and giving feedback.
Reward: You’ll get upgraded from the basic reward tier to the next tier plus one, this will probably be a couple of player’s worth of extra. Your name will appear in the actual credits booklet (or on an extra sheet if things get too crowded)

Level 4: King of Norway*

Requirement: Playing a longship load of game and giving super helpful feedback
Reward: This level is for people who really want to contribute to the development of the game. You’ll be getting what Jarl’s will get, a double-upgraded version of Ragnarol, but you won’t need to back the basic version, you get it shipping included, completely free. Also, our undying thanks, eternal glory and your name in the actual credits booklet.

To qualify for King you’ll need to be in our top ten playtesters. At this stage, we don’t know if we’ll even have 10 playtesters, so I wouldn’t worry about qualifying, I’m just covering my back in case 50 people go on a playtest frenzy.

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