Playtest Guide

So, you want to be a playtester? Fantastic! I’ve set up an initial feedback form to help guide your feedback after the first couple of games, after that, let’s just go free form. Email me at jason at endgamegames,com with your suggestions. Here’s some prompts to get you started.

  • What happened in the game? You don’t need to go into a blow-by-blow recount, but a quick recap of the results and anything interesting that happened.
  • What was the final result? Who won and by how much? Did the end game feel climatic?
  • Did you have fun? Did you feel that the player’s choice ultimately contributed to the end result?
  • Any suggestions for improvements?

You can also check out the BGG WIP forum, or leave a comment anywhere it seems relevant on the website. And don’t forget about our playtest program!

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