Heroes and Clans

Heroes and Clans adds two additional variable elements to the game. For more on the idea behind it, see Ragnarol Designer Diary 3.

To play with Heroes and Clans, download, print and cut out the cards below. Note, there’s card backs for these to show the difference between Hero and Clan cards, when printing double-sided make sure to use short-edge binding. If manually feeding the printer, just flip the paper vertically (short edge over short edge) and put it back in the printer without rotating.

Before the game begins, shuffle both decks separately and give each player one Hero card and one Clan card. These cards can be shown immediately and are played face up during the game. Choose 1 warrior card to be your Hero and keep these cards together for the duration of the game (note, 3 of the heroes must be soldiers as indicated on the card, the other must be a shieldmaiden).

A few quick pre-clarifications on the card.

  • A battle is the same as a raid, and is referred to when it doesn’t matter whether you’re defending or raiding
  • Recruit simply means the chosen warrior leaves your opponent’s forces and joins yours, i.e. you take one of their warriors and use it as your own
  • Successfully raiding an opponent means you get at least 1 store or kill 1 warrior, i.e. you win by at least 1 axe
  • Failing to defend against a raid means you lose at least 1 store or have 1 warrior killed, i.e. your opponent defeats you by at least 1 axe.
  • Successfully defending against a raid means your opponent gets no stores and kills none of your warriors, i.e. both players have an equal amount of axes, or you have more.

Download Heroes and Clans

PS ugly prototype art; no judging!


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