Survey successful!

Thanks for your feedback! This survey was designed to help me craft the development and release of Hedron. To keep up to date with what’s happening with End Game Games and Hedron sign up to our newsletter or check out the Hedron page for the latest version.

If you’re playing Hedron at home and want to be part of the ongoing development, I’d love to know how it’s working out for you and any sort of gameplay statistics would be super helpful. Just email jason@endgamegames with the subject Hedron Stats to give me your direct feedback. I’m most interested in the following information: how many points each player got, who won, starting playing order and level of experience with the game.

Suggested format

Game 1
1st player: Jason, 90 points, won, first time playing
2nd player: Susan, 70 points, played a game games before
3rd player: Steve, 50 points, experience player

Game 2
1st player: Susan, 30 points
2nd player: Steve, 90 points, won
3rd player: Jason, 40 points

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