Odin’s Day Spotlight: Freya the Red

Freya was but one of her father’s seven noble-born children, and with so much noble blood around it was all but inevitable it would come spurting out. The sole sister among a brood of brothers, Freya refused every suitor brought to her and took to the sea instead. She would raid, like her father before… is this what you are looking for?

Odin’s Day spotlight: Hilda Shieldmother

Today’s also our very first Odin’s Day of the Ragnarol campaign, also called Wednesday by the English. While Thor might be the most famous god of the Viking pantheon, it’s his daddy Odin that will be hearing battle prayers in Ragnaroll, and that gives his name to the most middle of the week days. Thor was… is this what you are looking for?

Freya the Red and Hilda Shieldmother

Freya the Red (left, obviously) and Hilda Shieldmother, two of the heroes in RAGNAROLL, a dice-driven game of death and glory, now on Kickstarter. Check out our Odin’s Day spotlight on Hilda. Illustration by Ruk Trumata.

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