New News No. 4

Hey internet friends,

This is just a quick little update to say things are in a constant process of being updated.

Games Games

There’s been a lot of development since the last New News, still primarily focused on Hedron. I’ve been rolling dice, doing stuff and achieving objectives. Hedron’s getting pretty close to done, but there’s still more work to do. Check out the latest designer diary for the full break down and write up, and expect a hot new version soon. Ragnarol is also back in development, I got a couple of really good playtesting sessions in at the Toy and Game Expo, and there’ll be a designer diary and a new version once I’ve got a chance to put the feedback into practice on real players / Vikings.

The Rebirth and Rebranding of End Game Games

I did the branding and website for End Game Games in a mad rush for CanCon earlier in the year, and I’ve been slightly disappointed in it ever since. I see a lot of websites associated with board games, whether it be publishers or media, that come off as kind of dated and slightly unprofessional (not mentioning the big forum in the room). I hope you’ll find the new look of End Game Games is both more modern and more welcoming. Just like game development, there’s always a little more tweaking to be done. My aim for the future is to have more graphics and pictures in my post that I aren’t taken with my terrible phone camera.


I haven’t really been pushing this too much but I’ve started a podcast with my friend Mitchell Tierney. Mitch is an author and lover of comics and all things pop culture. The podcast tackles tabletop gaming from a pop culture angle. Each episode we explore a particular genre of pop culture, such as zombies or kaiju. We discuss the genre itself, with a few examples, and then cover board games that thematically tie in. Mitch is pretty new to board gaming so we’re starting things slowly, with an assumed zero knowledge of board games, and we’ll go through some gateway stuff to begin with, before working our way up to more complicated things. So far, we’ve done Lego, Zombies and the latest episode is on Kaiju. We’re still kind of finding our feet and our tongues, so if you have any advice or feedback, let us know. We’re not claiming to be regularly updating as yet, but we’re planning to work up to monthly podcasts of around an hour in length. These best way to keep up to date is to check out this feed and subscribe with your listening service of choice (but here’s a direct iTunes link).

Thanks for reading. See you next time!

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